Social Media’s impact on Haiti in the Wake of Disaster

This week marked the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake on January 12, 2010.  While Haiti still remains devastated, the enormous role of social media in fundraising, communicating and relief efforts is unignorable.  Twitter was utilized the most in the realm of social media pertaining to Haiti followed by online video and blogs.  Text message … Continue reading

News Release 2.0: Social Media Impacts the Traditional Press Release

With Social Media playing such a large role in public relations, it is only natural that it is making its way into more than one aspect of the industry.  It is now challenging the existance of quite possibly the most notable component of PR, the press release.  In recent years there has been a nasty … Continue reading

Twitter’s Biggest Users

A survey revealed that young adults, minorities and urbanites are Twitter’s biggest users.  This is something to consider when launching a social media campaign.  Oftentimes, the same social media strategies are used regardless of the news, client or topic and its target audience, but it is important to remember that this does not qualify as … Continue reading

Top PR firms

These may be a bit outdated (2009), but here is the lsit of the top 25 of the 133 firms on O’Dwyer’s Top PR Firms ranked by net fees.  Start setting goals, aspiring PR pros! Edelman, NY APCO Worldwide, DC Ruder Finn, NY Text 100 Global PR, CA Schwartz Communications, MA ICR, CT Regan Communications Group, … Continue reading

Writing Unique Cover Letters to Stand Out in the Job Search

It’s application time for spring internships, and if you are anything like me, you give a sigh of discouragement when the job listing requires that all interesting applicants submit a resume and cover letter.  The resume is the easy part.  It’s a document you have saved for the sole purpose of easily attaching it to … Continue reading

Engage on Twitter with Twitter Chats

When the president of my PRSSA chapter shared a list of good “Twitter Chats” with myself and the other members of the organization today, I was intrigued.  I had heard her discuss them before, but as you know, I am new to Twitter and had yet to explore this function of the network.  I did … Continue reading

Is there a future for aspiring journalists?

Speaking with journalists at PRSSA national conference and Philadelphia journalists I have connected with through the organization, it seems the current job market for aspiring journalists is unpromising.  Personally, I struggle with this concept.  In my opinion, the increase of online media outlets presents endless opportunities for writers.  While newspapers and magazines may be suffering … Continue reading

New FaceBook Messaging System, Hit or Miss?

On Monday, FaceBook’s new modern messaging system was selectively available by invitation only.  The reaction was mixed.  This new launch, named Project Titan, was being described as the “Gmail killer”, but Mark Zuckerberg claims it is simply aiming to simplify messaging and make it as efficient as possible. The benefits to FaceBook as an organization … Continue reading

PR is Evolving, Evolve With It

In the past, the PR field was overshadowed by advertising.  Advertisers could sell any product utilizing images and messages that were oftentimes considered compromising.  Since then, people have begun to question the messages of advertisers.  It is viewed by many today as a gimmick, and the public can see through these campaigns.  This defeats the … Continue reading

Determining Your Market Value

Although I am still an undergrad, I often check job listings to get an idea of what companies expect entry-level applicants to know.  This gives me a better idea of what I want to learn from my mentor and pre-professional organizations.  Many of them ask for “salary requirements”, “salary history” or “desired salary”.  How can … Continue reading