Don’t feel like you have enough experience in the final leg of college? It’s not too late

Time is running out for all of you juniors and seniors.  The job search is either well underway or in the near future.  Maybe your career wasn’t first on your list up to this point, but now it’s time to focus.  If you feel like your resume is not as full as it should be, … Continue reading

Following up to interviews without being a needy candidate

So you’ve just finished the interview, and this is the position you absolutely want.  You want to express your gratitude first and foremost, but  how do you deal with the lingering fear that you will be forgotten as the company continues to interview other candidates?  Being too aggressive can misrepresent you and potentially cost you … Continue reading

Pre-Interview Research: How Far Should You Go?

Preparing for an interview is a stressful process: picking the right interview outfit, gathering all of your materials, thinking of answers to commonly asked questions that represent you and then there’s the research process.  It’s a known fact that companies like to hear you’ve “done your homework”, but unlike your homework it doesn’t have to … Continue reading

The Perks of Starting Your Career at a PR Agency

There was always something appealing to me about the thought of working in an agency.  I love the idea of having a hand in several projects at once and I have had great experiences interning at PR agencies, so great in fact that since my first public relations agency, I haven’t looked back.  My boss … Continue reading

Dispelling the HR myth of “Unemployable” and how to make sure you aren’t

What do they mean by “unemployable”? The Savvy Intern Blog shared a quote from an HR professional that has those of us hoping to land our first jobs unscathed by the economic downturn shaking in our boots.  According to this professional: “Once you are unemployed more than six months, you are considered pretty much unemployable.  … Continue reading

Writing Unique Cover Letters to Stand Out in the Job Search

It’s application time for spring internships, and if you are anything like me, you give a sigh of discouragement when the job listing requires that all interesting applicants submit a resume and cover letter.  The resume is the easy part.  It’s a document you have saved for the sole purpose of easily attaching it to … Continue reading

Is there a future for aspiring journalists?

Speaking with journalists at PRSSA national conference and Philadelphia journalists I have connected with through the organization, it seems the current job market for aspiring journalists is unpromising.  Personally, I struggle with this concept.  In my opinion, the increase of online media outlets presents endless opportunities for writers.  While newspapers and magazines may be suffering … Continue reading

New FaceBook Messaging System, Hit or Miss?

On Monday, FaceBook’s new modern messaging system was selectively available by invitation only.  The reaction was mixed.  This new launch, named Project Titan, was being described as the “Gmail killer”, but Mark Zuckerberg claims it is simply aiming to simplify messaging and make it as efficient as possible. The benefits to FaceBook as an organization … Continue reading

Who You Know Really Does Count

In a field like PR, you are expected to be a good talker.  This puts a lot of pressure on aspiring publicists to be excellent networkers.  Conversation is an excellent way to show off those “strong verbal communication” skills we all boast on our resumes and it is the first impression you leave with someone … Continue reading