The Perks of Starting Your Career at a PR Agency

There was always something appealing to me about the thought of working in an agency.  I love the idea of having a hand in several projects at once and I have had great experiences interning at PR agencies, so great in fact that since my first public relations agency, I haven’t looked back.  My boss … Continue reading

Dispelling the HR myth of “Unemployable” and how to make sure you aren’t

What do they mean by “unemployable”? The Savvy Intern Blog shared a quote from an HR professional that has those of us hoping to land our first jobs unscathed by the economic downturn shaking in our boots.  According to this professional: “Once you are unemployed more than six months, you are considered pretty much unemployable.  … Continue reading

The ordinary need not apply: finding “creatives” in the PR industry

According to a recent blog post on Mashable, the new trend in internship applications especially among start-ups is including a social media component in the application process.  What is the reason for this inspired new idea (besides the fact that companies are sick of reading through cover letters and resumes)?  For one thing, your social … Continue reading

Twitter’s Biggest Users

A survey revealed that young adults, minorities and urbanites are Twitter’s biggest users.  This is something to consider when launching a social media campaign.  Oftentimes, the same social media strategies are used regardless of the news, client or topic and its target audience, but it is important to remember that this does not qualify as … Continue reading

Is there a future for aspiring journalists?

Speaking with journalists at PRSSA national conference and Philadelphia journalists I have connected with through the organization, it seems the current job market for aspiring journalists is unpromising.  Personally, I struggle with this concept.  In my opinion, the increase of online media outlets presents endless opportunities for writers.  While newspapers and magazines may be suffering … Continue reading

New FaceBook Messaging System, Hit or Miss?

On Monday, FaceBook’s new modern messaging system was selectively available by invitation only.  The reaction was mixed.  This new launch, named Project Titan, was being described as the “Gmail killer”, but Mark Zuckerberg claims it is simply aiming to simplify messaging and make it as efficient as possible. The benefits to FaceBook as an organization … Continue reading

PR is Evolving, Evolve With It

In the past, the PR field was overshadowed by advertising.  Advertisers could sell any product utilizing images and messages that were oftentimes considered compromising.  Since then, people have begun to question the messages of advertisers.  It is viewed by many today as a gimmick, and the public can see through these campaigns.  This defeats the … Continue reading

Why Tweet?

< Twitter for PR (Public Relations)  View more presentations from Corinne Weisgerber. >I was beginning to feel as if I was at a disadvantage not having a Twitter account.  Although it was the hot topic on a handful of PR blogs, I couldn’t believe that all of my peers were using it.  That is, of … Continue reading