Social Media Success Stories

Do you still feel like you haven’t uncovered all that Twitter has to offer?  Are you not as well connected as you should be on LinkedIn?  Social Media is a valuable career resource, and to prove it I asked some friends for their social media success stories.

  • Ashley Peskoe, a graduating senior at Drexel majoring in journalism used Twitter to land an awesome internship.  Here’s how: “Basically I was on Twitter one day and I followed someone in the marketing/PR department of Philadelphia Media Holdings (there is a new name now, but its basically the overall ownership of the Inquirer/Daily News/  She tweeted something along the lines of “last day with my interns so sad.”  I decided, what the heck, I’ll tweet her back.  I asked her if she was looking for any other interns, and she tweeted me back saying not for the summer but she would be looking for the fall and told me where to send my resume.  I emailed her my resume, and the next day she responded via email telling me to come in the following week for an interview and I got the internship on the spot. If it wasn’t for Twitter I probably would have never even applied for that job or had an internship for that fall.”
  • Stephanie Takach, a junior at Drexel majoring was offered the opportunity to guest blog through connections on LinkedIn.  Here’s how she did it:  “I use LinkedIn more for the groups function. It allows me to stay in touch with people that share the same interests or are in the same organizations as I am. It also allows my employers who find me on LinkedIn to see that I’m actively engaged in professional development through affiliated groups. The success story comes in after joining the PRSSA group on LinkedIn and being asked to guest blog for a top 50 PR blog. The editor found me on LinkedIn in the PRSSA group and asked me to guest blog for him which received many comments and feedback. Finally, I use LinkedIn to see how many openings companies have. If there are many open positions, I’m more likely to research the company further and potentially apply.”
  • Felicia DeGennaro, a Saint Joseph’s University alumni and entry-level sales professional uses LinkedIn to build her sales contacts.  Here’s how: “I am a medical device sales representative.  By being a member of the LinkedIn community I was able to connect with physicians and potential customers on a more personal level and build stronger business relationships.  By connecting with other sales representatives, I was able to interact with my colleagues to exchange ideas and learn new ways to approach selling my devices. “
  • Meaghan Donchak, a junior at Drexel and a PR major used Twitter to connect with a reporter who quoted her in a major news article.  Here’s how: “I met the AP reporter at a previous event in the Fall. I followed her on Twitter. Being active on twitter kept me active in her mind, and perhaps seeing the things I tweeted about verified why I might be a relevant student to talk to depending on the article. She contacted me by direct message via twitter, and upon confirming a time, called me to conduct an interview. Story ran across the country, high profile hits in NYTimes, forbes, and a number of Business Journals.”

Congratulations to you all on your success!  I hope it inspires you, fellow students of PR, to use social media to write your own success story.


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