4 Best Posts from my 4 favorites

Not sure you want to take my word for it that those blogs are awesome resources?  Check out my favorite posts from each and get a sample of what they have to offer before you subscribe.

  1. “Social Media and the Tale of Two Career Paths” from Brian Solis:  In addition to a great overview of the past, present and future of social media, this post let’s the reader in on the impacts of these changes on Public Relations careers.
  2. “Bad Apples In PR” from PR-Squared: This post was a great read because it addressed why some businesses feel they don’t need PR, in fact, Defren quite honestly admits that people hate PR.  Instead of pointing out why they are wrong to feel this way, he agrees with them and explains: some people hate PR because there are some really terrible PR people out there.  No one wants to hear a PR person talk about why they need PR, but this was a very honest analysis of why PR gets a bad reputation.
  3. “The Imma Be (Making a Tenuous Link) Pitch” from Bad Pitch Blog: This post made fun of a pitch that is completely misleading.  When you realize that this pitch has nothing to do with Nike, you’ll be laughing at how creativity went wrong in this case and ruined this pitch.  It’s not only funny, but it’s also a warning as the Bad Bitch Blog continues to pick this pitch apart for its poor grammar.  Let that be a lesson to us all.
  4. “Making the Most out of 140 Characters” from I Am Intern: This post is for all of you who want to get into Twitter but feel like you have nothing to say.  It shares how to maximize your Twitter account and what Tweets are Twitter-worthy.


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