My 4 Favorite PR Blogs

Below are blogs I love to read.  Each is unique in its insight into the world of PR and social media, but should you choose to follow my lead and follow these blogs you will gain a well-rounded sense of the industry.

  1.– This blog offers great social media and new media insight.  Solis utilizes case studies and current events to show how these methods are being put to work, and there is no denying his expertise.  Brian Solis is not only a principal at Altimeter Group, but he is also an author of Engage!, which is about the very topics he blogs about.  
  2.– The primary on this blog is Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications.  He was one of PR Weeks 40 Under 40, serves on the board of several social media practices and if you need more reasons to trust the information you read here, Ad Age’s Power 150 also agrees that this blog is one of the best out there.  I like it for its criticisms of PR practices.  Sometimes, learning what not to do is the best way to learn best practices.
  3. Bad Pitch Blog– This blog calls PR Pro’s out on all of their worst media relations, pitches and ideas.  It’s funny and educational and unique for poking lighthearted fun at the mistakes of others.  It’s also comforting as a student to know that not even the pro’s are perfect.
  4. I Am Intern– This blog is produced by Intern Queen Inc. and “The Intern Queen” herself, Lauren Berger.  This blog covers all aspects of internships: finding them, landing them and keeping them.  I saw Berger speak at a PR conference.  She addresses the need for PR students to get real-world internship experience.  This blog is a one-stop-show answering the “how to” questions in many forms including Q & A, video posts by Berger’s own interns and post from students about their own experiences.

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