Twitter’s Biggest Users

A survey revealed that young adults, minorities and urbanites are Twitter’s biggest users.  This is something to consider when launching a social media campaign.  Oftentimes, the same social media strategies are used regardless of the news, client or topic and its target audience, but it is important to remember that this does not qualify as strategy.

Use a social media platform that is relevant.  If you are trying to get feedback on behalf of a product targeting middle-aged women, Twitter may not be for you, at least right now.  I do not doubt that in the future Twitter’s primary demographics will expand significantly, but this explains why FaceBook is still the most popular SM tool as far as PR strategy goes.  Everyone is on it; your friends, their parents, their parents’ parents.  It is easy to pinpoint audiences with specific interests by their Info and groups they may belong to or be “fans” of.

Track these trends and practice social media as a strategy, not a routine.

Here is the full article.


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