Top PR firms

These may be a bit outdated (2009), but here is the lsit of the top 25 of the 133 firms on O’Dwyer’s Top PR Firms ranked by net fees.  Start setting goals, aspiring PR pros!

  1. Edelman, NY
  2. APCO Worldwide, DC
  3. Ruder Finn, NY
  4. Text 100 Global PR, CA
  5. Schwartz Communications, MA
  6. ICR, CT
  7. Regan Communications Group, MA
  8. Gibbs & Soell, NY
  9. Allison & Partners, CA
  10. Cooney/Waters Group, NY
  11. Coyne PR, NJ
  12. RF Binder partners, NY
  13. 5W Public Relations, NY
  14. Makovsky + Co., NY
  15. Zeno Group, NY
  16. Hunter PR, NY
  17. Widmeyer Communications, DC
  18. Kaplow, NY
  19. Levick Strategic Communications, DC
  20. SS PR, IL
  21. Cubitt Jacobs & Prosek, NY
  22. Fahlgren Mortine, OH
  23. Rasky Baerlein, MA
  24. Crosby Marketing Communications
  25. Jackson Spalding, GA

Start your research and I highly recommend following any company that interests you on Twitter and LinkedIn for updated information.


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