Get on Board with Social Media: Build a Blog

As a public relations student, the words “social media” are thrown around a lot.  I felt fairly well versed being a frequent user of FaceBook and LinkedIn, but beyond that I know very little.  I guess considering that it seems as if there are new social media outlets rising to popularity each day I really am not well versed, after all.  Two very important SM tools that I have vowed to master next are blogs and Twitter and, yes, you can do it, too!

With that said, my first blog post is an excellent time to tell you what I will be blogging about.  This blog is dedicated to sharing everything I am learning as a student of public relations through mentorships, internships, experience, and just by blazing the trail on my own.  Blogging, for example, is something I am learning as I go with the loose guidance of my professor.

Why are blogging and tweeting becoming so important in the public relations industry?  I can’t say I haven’t asked myself this question a thousand times before.  I have never answered it, until now, which probably explains why this is the first time I am trying it out.  The answer is a very logical one: blogging and microblogging attract people to you, your client and/or your business.  Today the internet is the fastest way to reach people and spread information and blogs and Twitters are a great destination for those seeking it.  Social Media is now considered a public relations strategy and a general knowledge of it is absolutely necessary in the current job market.

To say I am confident in my technological abilities would be a complete lie.  Blogging intimidates me, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere.  For those of you inspired to start now, fear not, you are not behind.  I will talk you through all of my attempts to improve my knowledge of the industry in the simplest way imaginable.  Here is how I began my journey into the world of social media as a new blogger:

  • The most important thing is to decide what you are going to blog about.  Pick something you are interested in.  You will need to have a lot to say, so that you can update your content frequently, so pick something you love to talk about.
  • After I decided to blog about PR and the direction I wanted my blog to take, I had to choose a platform for my blog.  I chose between two very popular options recommended by my professor: wordpress and blogger.  WordPress is a bit more complicated, but I chose it hoping to transform my blog into an online portfolio (also important for aspiring PR professionals).
  • Next I made my blog look pretty, more or less.  I chose a theme and played with the colors all options that can be found in the My Blog Menu under Dashboard.  My blog was live!
  • I created a schedule of things I hope to learn and when.  This is not necessary unless your blog is of a similar nature to mine.  These will be the subjects of my blog posts as well as interesting PR news from time to time.
  • Naturally, I decided my first post would revolve around blogging (my current conquest).  I went to my Dashboard and chose Add New and as soon as I am done typing, it will be published.

I am very pleased with how easy it was to get my blog up and running!  I hope you enjoy and will follow my journey to becoming a PR Professional.


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